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We produce high-quality podcasts. We are ShoutOut Network.

Established in June 2015, the network has been providing a space for award-winning podcasts.We care about providing a platform for the unheard voices that exist in our communities. We’re the team behind ShoutOut Live! The Festival the first and only organisers of the world’s first podcast festival celebrating people of colour in podcasting. We now offer podcast recording in London for an affordable rate. Sign up to a monthly recording plan or pay as you go.

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Record 2 podcast episodes from £100 per month.


Record 4 podcast episodes with us from £180 per month (that’s a 20% saving!).


The full package includes 4 upload-ready episodes from £340 per month (that’s a 30% saving!)

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Are you thinking about creating a podcast as part of your brand’s content strategy? We can help you develop and produce an engaging podcast that reaches your target audience.

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