The Top 5 Black British Podcasts

Here at the ShoutOut Network, we are passionate about bringing diverse voices to the fore. It’s easy to feel like the mainstream media in the UK ignores our voices and presence as ethnic minorities. We realised that they may never let us in so we built our own. We recognise that media representation is important for people young and old. We believe that podcasting is a great way to get diverse voices out into the world. If you need some new podcasts in your life this post is for you!


Here are our Top 5 Black British Podcasts:


20 Something Podcast is hosted by Naomi Simon. 20 Something has been around for just over a year. Naomi’s aim is to raise social and political awareness that leads to positive action. It’s really relatable as the show covers millennial topics and issues. The show has had a some great guests and it’s one of our favourites. Be sure to check it out.


Melanin Millennials is hosted by Imrie and Satia, they provide witty social commentary and dish out plenty of side-eyes to the loud and wrong. As millennial black women living in London, they keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s happening in the UK and on Twitter. It’s the ShoutOut Network’s flagship show and has grabbed some loyal fans already. Listen to the latest episode on the ITV’s Lenny Henry mix up!


Et Cetera with Est is brand new and already building up a loyal following. So far Esther and her friends are providing hilarious commentary on American reality TV (Love and Hip Hop, Black Ink Crew and more). If you love trash TV as much as we do give this show a listen!


Blacticulate is hosted by Ade Bamgbala. The show focuses on UK Black business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals that are attached to some form of social enterprise. The show is definitely worth a listen if you’re trying to build your own business as an ethnic minority in this country.


Urban World is hosted by SK Vibemaker and they have a whole host of celebrity guests on the podcast. If you’re into ‘Urban music then check out this show it’s easy to listen to and you might catch some of your favourite UK artists.



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