The Founder of the Shoutout Network, Efe Jerome, started listening to podcasts back in 2010. He was amazed that he could access so many opinions on topics that genuinely interested and catered to him. He realised that there was huge potential to scale this channel in the UK.

What makes the ShoutOut Network different is that diversity is at the heart of what we do! We are dedicated to providing a platform that caters to people from diverse backgrounds. We are trying to solve the issue of media representation by creating a diverse suite of UK based Podcasts, which has huge potential.

“People shouldn’t have to keep searching outside of their countries to see and hear about themselves.” – Imrie, Co-host of Melanin Millennials

Efe recognises that there are thousands of valuable opinions here in the UK that go unacknowledged in mainstream media. Using his knowledge in production and investing in podcasting equipment, the first show, Melanin Millennials launched on the 4th December 2015.

Now everyone can use their voices to share opinions, develop their ideas, and discuss the issues that affect them without the censorship of TV and radio. If you have something interesting to say and want to be a guest on a show then, get in touch! Think you want to host your own show and you’re based in London then complete this form.

“The ShoutOut Network was created because we were tired of having to consume media from other countries. We wanted to create a network that will inspire and empower people to ‘ShoutOut” and be heard. We want to prove that media diversity can be achieved right here in the UK. We just have to build it ourselves!” – Efe Jerome, Founder of the ShoutOut Network