Do Black British Men Listen To Podcasts…?

…Podcasts that are beyond the ‘banter’ and sports that is.

I am always being told by black men my age that there aren’t enough podcasts for black men to listen to. Some men simply don’t want to look, but also some don’t know where to look.

But the overriding question that alerts me to the way that these assertions come about always confuse me since all the Black men I know listen to some great and informative podcasts.

So, I decided to make a list – of some great and informative shows.

Here is a list of my top 5 podcasts for black men that are the most informative, entertaining and potentially life-changing shows out there that Black British men should take a chance on. 

Please remember that this is all based on my own personal recommendations – please see below on how to suggest other podcasts so they can be added to the list.


The Mandem Podcast:

There haven’t been many podcasts that have come onto the scene lately that are just a group of guys talking about serious topics and with an added sense of humour and frank and direct talk like The Mandem.

This North London trio Rich, Dan and Les, sit down with the Mandem to discuss anything that they find of importance.

In episode one, they sit down to discuss The Premiership, Pogba, The Rio Olympics, Chip vs. Youngen vs. The Nandos Guy and whether there is a point in Black Lives Matter UK.

Their unique perspective on Trump, random questions and genuine personality is something to be reckoned with, and there is something charming in their approach.

Follow them on twitter @OnlyTheMandem


90s Baby Podcast


Consider yourself a Baby Boy? Were you born between 1990 and 1999? Then this could be one of the best podcasts to listen to since so few Black British men readily have the chance to reminisce on the good ol’ days.

Join Fred & Temi as they discuss both modern day and past life experiences from a 90s baby perspective. Prepare to laugh, reflect, disagree, and open your mind to a 90s baby’s point of view.

Twitter: @90sbabyshow

Follow the hosts at @fr3dsantana and @temiAlchemy


Ground Ego

We Poke Fun At Society While We Pretend To Be Intellectuals’

So, imagine you’re sitting in a barbershop. There is a microphone in the middle of the room, and everything that is discussed is recorded. Time to carry the discussions and debates with you, as the Ground Ego guys from London, take you on a politico-pop-culture journey that will leave you thinking about all the greater questions in life.

Find them @GroundEgo on Twitter, and search for them on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Follow hosts on Twitter: @Kaizer_Project, @Bhattousai @tjmorganuk.


TBC – by GRM Daily

The #TBC Podcast is a topical panel show, at the GRM headquarters that see regular hosts Mikill Pane and Rebecca Judd, as well as producer Rene, discuss all the hottest topics of the week in the scene and beyond.

Joined by special guests – previous invitees have been politician George Galloway, Complex UK’s Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson, Hollywood actor Arnold Oceng and so much more – the podcast acts as a platform to hear voices we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

So if you’re into the UK urban scene, and fancy some talk about the ins and outs of the scene – tune in!


Off the Cuff


And finally, Off the Cuff.

Fancy taking a break from the world – and even mocking it? Then head on over to Off the Cuff, where Fola and Dadi dissect the latest shenanigans in society.

An unfiltered and raw view account of the world.

‘A good honest conversation never hurt anyone.’

Find them on Twitter @OFFTHECUFF_24 or individually: @mrvans7 @folaotun

And there we have it.


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Edited by Alex Reads