ShoutOut Network Pre-Launch Roof Party

Join the ShoutOut Network team for our exclusive invite-only Rooftop BBQ!

Are you an Entrepreneur Blogger, Podcaster, Artist or Creative? We’d love for you to join us for our pre-launch rooftop party. The ShoutOut Network will be launching in August but we wanted to invite former guests, bloggers and entrepreneurs to meet the team and connect with us and other influencers here in London. We will provide food and drinks!

Why Attend?


Here’s your chance to meet people in the community who are also raising their profiles. You can meet potential interviewees and product owners to collaborate with for content.


Meet the upcoming media influencers in the community who can help you grow and promote your business.


Finally, get a chance to meet the rest of the pod squad and set up cross-show collaborations. Also, you get to mix with potential guests and bloggers to help you grow your shows.

Artist and Creatives

We will have an open-mic set-up so if you have a song in your heart or a poem in your spirit share it with us.

African and Caribbean Caterers Souldeliciouz will be catering the event. There will be drinks but we’ll appreciate it if you bring a bottle!

For the password to the event please email Soulay at