ShoutOut Live! The Official Launch Party

ShoutOut Live is the official launch of the ShoutOut Network. Founded in the Summer of 2015 by Efe Jerome. The network had one mission, to create excellent podcasts for people from underrepresented backgrounds. Now almost a year later ShoutOut has produced four amazing shows to cater to a variety of interests.

ShoutOut Live!:

Melanin Millennials Live!

The ladies will bring you what’s hot in British pop culture that week. Expect to hear their infamous deconstruction of Britain’s shenanigans with plenty of shade and banter.

Mostly Lit Live!

Alex and Rai will be bringing their love of Literature to the stage. Focusing on the diversity of writers here in the UK and across the African Diaspora. Watch out for Rai’s reckless one-liners.

Two Fools Talking!

They will be present to lower the entire tone for the night with their base humour. They are so unapologetically honest that they are guaranteed to make the crowd laugh.


Dan and Micha will be bringing local history to life on the night. We can expect to hear some of the amazing hidden histories of Brixton on the evening.

The ShoutOut Network is personally funded by Efe Jerome and Imriel Morgan, who are committed to improving media representation in the UK. As the network grows, they want to expand into high-quality documentaries, web series made by people from underrepresented backgrounds. They believe that it is important for everyone to tell stories. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards getting a space to hold our after-school programmes in production, hosting and engineering.

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BXT Frat House – 258 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6AQ – View Map