10 Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship

During the season of love and valentines, it’s only natural we focus on our relationships. While many relationship experts will tell you what you need to be doing to enhance a healthy relationship, you may not realize that there is a myriad of ways you can actually wreck a good thing. If you find yourself committing any of the following relationship faux pas, you could be sabotaging your romantic relationship.

Clam Up

When communication goes by the wayside, your relationship could be hitting troubled waters. Do your best to speak your mind so that issues don’t fester. If something is bothering you, be sure to discuss it with your partner.

Friends in the Mix

On the other hand, if you find that you are talking more about your relationship to your friends than your partner, you could be negatively impacting your relationship. Your friends’ two cents serve their own relationships better than yours. You and your spouse or partner are adults; your issues belong to the two of you to work out.

Comparing Your Relationship

Comparing your relationship with another is bound to create unrest. It’s important to remember that no two relationships are alike, so comparing them is never going to be productive. Instead of getting caught up in the features of another relationship, do your best to build up yours without tearing it down.

Taking Your Partner for Granted

Treating your partner like an accessory could spell trouble. No one likes to be taken for granted, and while we may all fall into this trap from time to time, it’s important to catch ourselves before we hurt our spouses.


While it’s only natural that you and your partner will likely influence one another in multiple ways, you should never act in a controlling manner. When one partner is controlling, equality in the relationship suffers, leading to a decrease in happiness and contentment. Improving your relationship will definitely require a commitment to cease domineering behaviors. 


Incessant nagging and criticisms is another way to erode the health of a relationship. It’s tough to harbor romantic feelings for someone who continually picks at you. While expressing your feelings is important, you also have to choose your battles wisely.

Too Much Insecurity

Giving into insecurities is never going to enhance your relationship. You may have to tap your inner strength to keep your insecurities at bay, but if you allow them to interfere with your best judgment, they are bound to negatively affect your relationship.

Not Trying

Even though we all have our bad days, it’s important that we put effort into our relationships to maintain their health. Making things work means never giving up and continually trying to move in positive directions.


Any type of addiction you face could be harming your relationship. Whether you’re addicted to social media, alcohol, or gambling, your uncontrollable habits could sabotage your relationship. If you cannot rein in an addiction, it’s important to seek help.

Make Threats

Threats are something few people can tolerate. Threatening your partner seldom leads to a positive outcome. Typically, respect and love erode under these dysfunctional conditions.

If you are exhibiting any of these behaviors in your relationship, it’s important to curtail them. Healthy relationships require constant maintenance, so be sure you are enhancing yours and not detracting from it.

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