5 Reasons you should send your child to Summer School


Summer School is a course that can last one week or more where students who attend are offered intensive tuition in certain subjects, such as Maths and English combined with extracurricular activities. Courses generally take place in the summer holidays between school years or university terms, where attendees can board at the location.

Why attend?

There are academic, social and career benefits to attending a summer school. An article written by the Guardian states 76% of 1250 students who do attend summer schools have a better chance at attaining a place at a top university. Nearly a quarter (23%) of students who attended summer schools managed to attain a place at top universities such as Durham, Imperial College and UCL, in comparison to 13% of attendees who had applied but were unsuccessful.

Being accepted into University is becoming increasingly competitive for those that apply, with over 400,000 university applications for places in September 2015, it is increasingly difficult for students to enrol in their preferred choice of course at their preferred choice of University and meaning a little extra curricular support like a Summer School may not be such a bad idea.

Here are some top reasons as to why your son or daughter should attend a school this summer.

1. Improving grades

Provide your child with a better chance of attaining better grades in their exams. Summer Schools ensure a scholarly environment in which the focus is to learn. They will be joined by minds alike who have similar objectives.

Summer study keeps your children in the momentum of learning, reducing the impact of the summer slide where everything can get forgotten and immerse them in subjects for a day at a time, resulting in a solid foundation of the subject.

2. Preparation for University applications

With its intensive tuition and small study groups, Summer Schools are geared towards providing them with valuable academic skills that make for an appealing application to University. This can range from debating skills to practical skills, such as essay writing and exam techniques.

Attendance at a Summer School is a great way to show their enthusiasm for the subject. It’s a great additional topic to write about on their personal statement and if the University requires an interview, the school can also help prepare them with the techniques to assist.

3. Career Building

It’s not just a University application that could benefit from a Summer School, but also job applications. Higher education is not for everyone, but securing a place in a career of their choice means your child will need the necessary written, verbal, social and academic skills that could be improved from focused support.

Attending an extra-curricula learning event such as a Summer School not only helps to improve certain skills but also shows they have a drive, enthusiasm, a good work ethic and great attitude towards reaching new goals.

4. Social Skills

Summer Schools allow students with similar interests to come together and share learning experiences, often enabling children who are shyer to speak up and put forward valid ideas and opinions during group discussions.

They will be able to mix with their peers with different nationalities and backgrounds and learn to interact with them, developing confidence inside a new environment.

Mixing with their peers will encourage social bonding and making new friends. As the schools usually require its students to board, they will get to know fellow classmates inside and outside of the classroom creating firm friendships.

5. Recreational activities

The schools offer a wide selection of recreational activities to help students relax after a hard day’s study, from sightseeing to underwater snorkelling. Most will have an extensive range of sports facilities, which may not be offered, at their usual schools which could include football, badminton, rock climbing and more.

Or maybe your child prefers to engage in more creative, art-based activities that can range from creating paintings and sculptures to piano recitals and theatre production. Summer Schools provide a great environment for your child to pick up hobbies that they have never tried before, or they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do so.

Summer Schools can provide more than just academic knowledge. Academic skills are very important, however, developing students soft skills are equally important and Summer School would be able to provide that foundation for them. Enrolling your child in a Summer School for a couple of weeks places them in an academically challenging environment surrounded by like-minded peers could help them succeed to get the best possible start in life.

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