How to Keep Your Home Clean with Kids

Anyone who has kids knows how challenging it is to keep your home looking clean and tidy. There’s a lot to stay on top of between finding piles of hidden “treasure” to muddy welly boots landing on the carpet. 

Choosing your daily battles is all part of keeping your home clean. Some days you will need to prioritise messy play over having a clean carpet! But, living in a chaotic and untidy house will eventually take its toll. 

Here we’ll explore the best tips for keeping your home clean, whatever stage of parenthood you’re at: 

Have a big clear out, then declutter regularly

Kids love routine. They like to know where things belong, and the messier your home, the harder it will be for them to learn where things belong. 

Start with the easiest room, the bathroom. You can throw things away with little to no emotional attachment to the item. Plus, you might discover some hidden products that you never realised you had! 

From there, tackle your bedroom. Then the kids. With the latter, either get them involved so they can take some responsibility too or do it when they are at nursery or school to avoid any tantrums. 

While you might only manage a big clear out once a year, it’s worth remembering that clutter is unavoidable when you have kids! So tackle each room and each day as it comes. 

For extra support, get all the family involved or hire a professional rubbish removal company to do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. 

Everything has a place where it belongs

One trick to keeping your house clean with kids is for everything to have its own place. But, it needs to make sense. It’s no use having a toy box and leaving things on the bookshelf. 

Instead, make it clear where things belong, and tidy up together with your family. Coats belong on the coat rack, mugs and cups belong in the cupboard by the kettle and so on. 

Make things more accessible

It’s one thing asking your child to hang up their coat, but if they can’t reach the rack, there’s no way they can achieve that on their own. So bring things down to their level. 

Baskets, pegs, and cupboards – if you want your kids to be able to tidy up, then they need to be able to reach. Whether that’s investing in a safe stool they can stand on or having easy access to storage lower down, work with what you have. 

Establish good cleaning habits 

While cleaning comes second nature to some folks, some of us have to try a little bit harder before it becomes part of our daily routines. The good news is that the more you do something, the more likely that habit will stick. 

Work daily cleaning routines into your morning and evening, and you’ll stay on top of the clutter before you know it. Plus, when it comes to a more comprehensive clean, you won’t have to battle with all your things before you can get down to a deeper clean. 

Good cleaning habits don’t stop there. As your child develops and grows, they can take on more responsibilities over their own spaces, as well as communal ones. 

Clutter loves company

Have you ever noticed how quickly clutter can grow on the kitchen side or the coffee table? It’s almost like clutter is a magnet for more clutter! 

To break this cycle of clutter buildup, you need to encourage everyone to actively put things back where they belong. After all, your child’s toy car has a home of its own, and it’s definitely not by the kettle. 

Work with your children, not against them

Playing with toys and exploring their world is all part of your kid’s development. While they might love pulling every book from the bookshelf or using the remote as a chew toy, they aren’t doing this despite you. 

So let playtime be just that. Allow them to get lost in their imagination, discover new sensory experiences or dump the whole box of Lego on the floor. 

Once they have finished playing, you can tidy up together. Somedays, this might mean you have to kneel down with the toy basket in hand. Other days, they will simply just get on with it themselves. 

Make tidying simple

Baskets and storage caddies make the world go round. You can clearly label them or stick to a colour code for different types of toys. Plus, when you want to put your feet up in the evening, you can simply sweep up the aftermath of the day and quickly put it back where it belongs. 

Your kids will soon get used to where their toys and accessories belong, particularly if you make a point of tidying up together throughout the day. 

Let your kids tidy their own room

The older your children get, the less likely your organisational systems will make sense to them. For instance, they might want a stack of books by their bed, so they can flick through them before they go to sleep. In contrast, you might want to put them straight back on the shelf regardless. 

However, setting aside a day in the week for everyone to clean their room will ensure they get to hit the “reset” button like clockwork. Your kids can take responsibility for where their belongings are stored and, over time, will develop their own set of systems that work for them. 

Talk through each step together as you go, and simply step back for a moment and see how they get on solo. While younger children may need extra guidance, older children might want the added benefit of space. 

Keeping your home clean with kids is a team effort. You can’t do it all on your own. By adopting a few simple daily habits, you’ll quickly notice a difference in how much clutter you have to deal with every day!

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