Top 4 Tips for Freshening Your Home

Like everyone, I go through phases of super organization and unorganized chaos in my life.  I love that initial feeling of openness and freedom that a freshly cleaned out and organized space can provide – it is mind freeing.  Clutter and excess can weigh on us heavily and make us feel immobilized, crippling us.  

If your home is less than “HGTV worthy” then you avoid inviting friends and family for dinner, if your attic or basement is too overwhelming to dig through to properly store and preserve keepsakes, then you miss the opportunity to enjoy those things that bring back such fond memories.  

The secret is that everyone has these spaces in their lives – don’t be embarrassed or disappointed in yourself.  Instead, take control.  Commit yourself to a reachable goal in a high impact area of your home and life.  

I’m not suggesting you start by cleaning out your attic to start of, but begin with 30 minute project that will get your organizing juices going.  Start small and the results will be addicting – you might actually get to tackle that basement or attic!  The new found freedom of a fresh, clean space will open your heart and mind to living an unbound life!

Start Fresh & Small

Look at spots in your home that you use multiple times a day and make an effort to freshen that space.  If you are at your kitchen sink 5 times a day, but just freshening up that one space you can greatly have a positive impact your daily routine.  

This spring, for my own kitchen sink area, I replaced all of my worn plastic scrub brushes with beautiful wooden brushes.  It instantly brought a fresh, natural and very beautiful feeling to a once clutter and plastic-filled space.

Rid Yourself of Loud Labels

Visual clutter is just as distracting as piles of clothes on the floor.  Marketing labels on consumer goods are designed to catch our attention in the market aisle – bright colors, bold fonts.  These loud labels give the same message to our brains on a daily basis.  Just imagine how loud your cleaning closet is, full of these half-empty old and dusty bottles.  

Reclaim your home and rid yourself of these loud labels by using clean and fresh bottles that you decant your own products into.  It is a great opportunity to use homemade cleaning solutions (vinegar and water works for just about everything!) or all natural products.  

You can buy in bulk, which reduces your footprint and keeps you from constantly running errands.  It took me about 20 minutes to do all of the bottles in my home and the transformation is staggering.  Now when I reach for a bottle of cleaning supplies, I already feel one step ahead of my chores.

Refreshen you Recipes

While everyone made resolutions back in January, spring is the best time to refreshen your mealtime routines.  Fresh produce is coming available and fresh air outside means the opportunity for a more active life.  

Jump on the opportunity spring brings to prepare and enjoy meals that are lighter and fresher.  Don’t think of calories, but think of flavors to inspire your menus.  Some of my favorites are lemon, asparagus, farm eggs, chives, greens and fresh fish.

Extend an Invitation

There is nothing like an impending party at your home to get you motivated to clean up and get organized.  Extend an invitation for brunch or dinner to a couple of new acquaintances and it will inspire you to meet your goal.  

While your at it, make or buy new pillows or throws – it is the easiest way to instantly freshen your home.  Donate your old ones to a charity store that will be able to help others with the proceeds of your old things.  Win, win!

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